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Kamis, April 22, 2010

Indonesia Java International Destination, Java Indonesia

Indonesia Java International Destination is Indonesia wants to introduce a variety of sub-tropical natural beauty by visiting Indonesia as a travel destination in addition to the beautiful nature of Bali is Java. Java island has many tourist destination that does not lose the beauty of the island of Bali which is famous in the International world. With the arrival of foreign tourists to Indonesia, specifically Java will provide revenue to the country's foreign exchange which is now on the wane because of the terror that threaten. But because the Indonesian police to act firmly against terrorism, Indonesia is now safe from terrorist attacks. therefore International tourists can enjoy the natural beauty of Indonesia without worry.

We will introduce tourist attractions in Indonesia, especially Java as an international tourism destination that has a natural beauty who does not lose the beauty of the Balinese are well known in international dunua hemisphere. One of the attractions in java is a temple "Borobudur" which is the largest temple in the world and has become one of the wonders of the world are legendary. Borobudur temple is located in the Central Java town of Magelang, if you want to buy souvenirs typical of many famous Borobudur here there is also no miniature souvenir and Borobudur temple as a by-the typical town of Magelang. After the satisfaction of seeing the beauty of Indonesian art masterpiece hasih we show a beach where the beach is no less beautiful with the existing beach or the island of Bali island is often called gods because it is so beautiful. This beach is named beaches Parang verandah which is not far from Borobudur temple, after enjoying the beauty of Parang eaves selese you can proceed with a trip to yogyakarta sights Bernam "Malioboro" what's that Malioboro? This place is one of the places / jogja typical hawker center and many more others, and to remember in the back Malioboro many hotels that can be used as a place to stay. At night you can taste typical food jogja ie "warm", which certainly you've never felt it. What are you waiting make Indonesia as a destination where you travel and enjoy the beauty and atmosphere of night cities yogja.

Indonesia Travel Destination

Indonesia Java International Destination is the main objective to introduce the natural wealth of Indonesia as a tourist spot in Indonesia that lombakan as the SEO contest Indonesia Java International Destination as reciprocal because Indonesia has been promoting tourism through media dorm.

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6 komentar:

Shared Lifestyle on 2 April 2010 21.05 mengatakan...

sukses nih dengan Indonesia Java menjadi tujuan international

dengar2 kontes ini hadiahnya gede yah...yup

extreme webz on 2 April 2010 21.07 mengatakan...

nice post, n tembak SEO nya, semoga dapat hadiah ektrim ini...:)

Willyo Alsyah P. Isman on 8 April 2010 13.19 mengatakan...

aku datang berkunjung dgn formasi dan PR baru..semoga mav terucap dri mu oleh sbb aku lama ga kesini

Willyo Alsyah P. Isman on 11 April 2010 05.33 mengatakan...

bergerilya subuh-subuh, mengunjungi kawan lama...

lagia on 18 April 2010 14.44 mengatakan...

wah!!!! ini yang q cari. thx sob :)

sheshel on 15 Juli 2010 12.49 mengatakan...


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