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Jumat, Agustus 28, 2009

Template Not Magazine 4 Column

As its name, Blogger Template Not Magazine 4 Column, whatever you said its magazine style or not :D , have 4 column. Click on post title and post section will be wider and left column disappear. You can put recent post widget or news reel widget on left column section. Here's the screenshoot

  1. Layout 4 column and 3 column at lower section
  2. Adsense ready
  3. Social Bookmarks icon on everypost
  4. Search Menu
  5. Best viewed using Firefox 3, Opera 8, Opera 9, Opera 10, Internet Explorer 7, Internet Explorer 8, Safari
Read this instruction setting carefully

Template Layout

This template is adsense ready. I've set adsense section so you can edit it. Copy your adsense code, add a HTML widget through page element, paste your code and save

Navigation Menu Setting

Access Edit HTML, find and Edit this code below

Banner 125x125 Setting

Edit red text color to your target URL, edit blue text color to your image source URL.
If you wanna put advertisement banner, usually they give HTML code. Paste it between



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